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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Inspirations; Superman For Tomorrow - Jim Lee

To anybody whom takes an interest in comics or the artwork of one of the the god of comics that is Jim Lee I would highly recommend taking a look at Absolute Superman For Tomorrow... 'Absolute' being the special edition hardcover book of the comics, with stunning cover by Jim Lee. The book features extra sketches, notes etc & very much worth every penny I paid for it! :D

Written by the brilliant Brian Azzarello I again cannot reiterate how much I love this book. Couldn't put it down and read the entire story in a couple of hours :)

Has also made me realize how much of a badass Superman actually is, rather than the boring snotty sod I thought he was lol. If only superheroes were really....hmmph.

Below is one of Jim's line work pieces for one of the covers for Superman For Tomorrow. Enjoy!

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