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Sunday, 9 January 2011

James & The Giant Peach Book & Timbaland CD Projects *Update*

Here are two projects I'm currently working on ... & you can see quite clearly visually that colourwise they are very similar hahah.
The first project is that of a Book Cover, being that of Roald Dahl's James & The Giant Peach. Gone for a silhouetted look combined with the glowworm feel (a character from within the book) to hopefully put a more modern look upon the cover :)

The second project is then that of a CD Cover, Booklet & Disc Art. Have started work upon the Booklet and I have chosen to create an album cover for the upcoming Shock Value III by Timbaland, the music producer & artist. (My personal favourite musician out there)...
Have added some more graphics & such to the front of the booklet, with still to draw out & Illustrate Timbaland himself. Also added the texture to the back of the booklet too. Am pleased with it overall so far though!!!

Will continue to update my workings upon them. Alongside these two projects I also will be starting my personal project which will consist of animal Illustrations to help improve my traditional drawing further :)

Oh & here is the fake tracklisting I have come up with to use upon the Back Cover for the album;

Timbaland; Shock Value III Tracklisting (Fake)

1. Welcome To The Sound (Electro-Rap)
2. You Can't Handle It - Featuring Missy Elliott, Ludacris & Rick Ross (Rap/Hip-Hop)
3. BeatBreaker - Featuring Nicki Minaj & Lil Jon [Co-Produced by Lil Jon] (Crunk-Rock/Dance)
4. Taking Over - Featuring Pitbull [Co-Produced by Daft Punk] (Electro-Rap)
5. Round & Round - Featuring Lady GaGa [Co-Produced by Daft Punk] (Pop)
6. Addicted - Featuring John Legend & Keri Hilson (R&B)
7. How We Do It?! - Featuring Mary J. Blige & Big Boi (R&B/Rap)
8. Evolution - Featuring Eminem (Rap/Hip-Hop)
9. Down To The Ground - Featuring Muse (Rock)
10. Higher - Featuring Justin Timberlake & Taylor Swift (Rock/Country)
11. Sweet Lies - Featuring Utada Hikaru (Pop/R&B)
12. Destroyer - Featuring 30 Seconds To Mars, D.O.E. & Attitude (Rock/Rap)
13. These 3 Kings - Featuring Kanye West & Jay-Z [Co-Produced by Kanye West] (Rap/Hip-Hop)
14. Follow Us - Featuring Sebastian (Electro-Rap)
15. Everyone & Everybody - Featuring Nelly Furtado & Rihanna [Co-Produced by Jim Beanz] (Pop/Electro/Dance)
16. State of Shock - Featuring Coldplay & Ellie Goulding (Pop/Rock)
17. Make It Better - Featuring Usher & Beyonce (R&B)
18. Talk To Me - Featuring Lil Wayne (Rap/Hip-Hop)
19. Maybe - Featuring 50 Cent, Eve & Bran' Nu (R&B/Hip-Hop)
20. Future Sound (Electro/Rap)

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