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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

1,000 Pageviews!!! Red Panda & New Tag/Signature

Just would like to take a moment to thank everybody whom has visited my page since me starting it a few months ago!!! Really do appreciate it :)

Also makes sense to post something up, and seeing as I'm doing animal illustrations for my personal project (and finally started it today) here is a Red Panda that I drew today :) ... yes he does look kinda angry haha

The reference picture used was that of SooperDeviant's please take a minute to stop by his Deviantart & look at his work! Red Panda - SooperDeviant ... Some extremely inspiring photography on there!

Have also added the line art version of the Red Panda piece, with my new 2011 Tag or signature upon it .... wooooop!

Thanks again for the pageviews!

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