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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Green Sun, Blue Moon & Meteorites

Another part of the 5 piece 'Bizarre Phenomenon' project. This one being - 17th October 1564-  Inexplicable catastrophes, inscriptions on meteorites, black snow, blue moons, green suns, showers of blood. Georgetown Guyana.

Picked out the points I thought would be most fun to do ... so kinda ignored the inscriptions part on the meteorites ahh well ;)

Hope people like it. Lots of brushes and textures used to get it how it is.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Rampaged Reality - Blog

I highly recommend this blog/site to anybody whom has an interest or love for geeky stuff (like I do :D) such as movies & games.

I stumbled across it last night and ended up spending about 2 hours trawling through page after page of artwork that Justin Page has found and finds inspiring or likes :)
So yeah a lot of varied artwork contributions from various talented artists!


Rampage Reality

Here is a personal favourite from my finds upon the website, an very colourful alien inspired piece by Beaucoupzero

Of which I have as my desktop background :D

Thursday, 16 December 2010

MvC3 - Episode 3 Trailer

Ok I'm can't get a video upon my blog (I dunno how to :S) So here's a link, please check out the Episode 3 Trailer.

As you can probably guess from me posting this I am EXTREMELY excited for the new Marvel Vs Capcom 3 game coming out next year! I haven't played any of the previous titles but with a huge new found love for both companies involved I'm sure I am going to love this game when it comes out.

Please enjoy this new trailer, somewhat of a basis for the story mode it seems?

Oh and here are the 32 confirmed characters so far...

Characters (C) Marvel & Capcom

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

600 PAGE VIEWS! :D & Ron Guyatt Artwork

Thank you to everybody who's taken the time to stop by my blog!!!! I really appreciate everyone who has taken a look, however long or short it may be!

Can't seem to find anything new & exciting enough to post up of my own, so how about an artist I came across today via
I really like his Movie-esque game posters and various other work. Please if you get chance take a look at Ron Guyatt's work on his Deviantart he's got some great work on there!

Oh & from now I shall hopefully add more inspirations and artists work I like up more frequently, of course accompanied by my own art :)

Artwork (C) Ron Guyatt

My Art of 2010

Here is some of my favourite pieces from each month of 2010. Kind of annoying really as certain months have about 3/4 favourite pieces and others are really hard in trying to find favourite pieces of mine :S

Hope people like it anyways!
With another one to come next year lets hope!!!

Bizarre Phenomenon - Flying Alien?!

Here is part of a 5 piece project.
Was given 11 different case studies or sentences really in regards to random and bizarre happenings throughout time.

This one being - '30th November 1880-  Argosies of celestial travellers. Winged beings at a height of 8000 feet in the sky above Palermo.'

The main emphasis in my piece is the winged being(s)

Very obvious influences of 'Alien' and others like Beedrill from Pokemon, Avatar creatures, Ridley from Metroid & insects (scorpions especially)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ogg & His Eggs... DONE.

Here's what I've done for my 'Instructions Project' in which I chose to do a Caveman (being Ogg) telling people how to make scrambled eggs. With the help of some friends and funny ingredients.
Was quite fun doing this actually, apart from leaving it til the last minute as always haha

Hope people like it! It's not really to be taken seriously, kid's book meets instructions really. Fits the criteria of instructions... right ;)