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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Ok I've spent a good part of tonight watching Lastexile0's Youtube videos, like that of Kirby's Epic Yarn & Donkey Kong Country Returns and in doing so couldn't be more excited for Christmas as Donkey Kong is most definitely on my Christmas list!!! As is Epic Mickey again :) Seen a substantial amount to make me want it again! :)

Epic Yarn however isn't out in the UK til February time next year (sadtimes) :( I can wait, but it does look stunning visually.

Tomorrow shall be hopefully spent completing my Instructions project, so Ogg & his eggs haha. I just really want to play games though :( .....

That is all (pointless post) hahah.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Another one .... BEARS :)

Just for fun!

After an Illustrator/Designer by the name of Alison Milner coming in for a talk at university this week I have been more inclined to do print/design based artwork for a commercial purpose. And what with my mum coming back from a Polar Bear trip + near being christmas, I thought why not :D

Hope people like it!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Polar Bear Christmas Print

Playing around with colours, textures and such with some Polar Bear images my Mum took on a recent trip to Canada, and here's what happened :D

Thought it would make quite a nice Christmas Card print, with the colours and warm tone added.

If you like, why not take a look at it on my account :) ... Prints available!

Entertainment Invasion

The entertainment part of the 'Out of the Box' project, the business part being that of the Chimp.

Basically just the iPhone being the game itself, being a Space Invader, thought it suited the shape well. With it beaming up all this technology or entertainment, with some of it escaping (PacMan & Tetris)
Very symmetrical and technology based for obvious reasons & lots of pixel based imagery for the apps.

Retro gaming meets current gaming I suppose.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Polar Bear!

Today my Mum came back from a work trip to Churchill in Canada, she works for a holiday company, Tropical Sky. Basically it was to see what the Polar Bear watching package they sell is like to promote it and such. Much to my pleasure she took A LOT of photographs, so here is one of the best ones of which she's allowed me to edit for Photographic purposes ;)
Hope people like it!! Will definitely have to make a visit to Churchill sometime in my life, looks such an amazing place.
Available for prints upon my site - all purchases are really appreciated!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

200 + Pageviews ... THANK YOU :)

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to stop by this blog. Really appreciate any time people have given to take a quick look :D

Sneaky Iron Man PNG ;)

Instructions Project - How To Cook Eggs With Ogg

^ LOL at the title hahaha :)
Basically here is what I have done so far for a project in which we have to do illustrations for instructions. They can be for whatever they want, so I'm doing how to make scrambled dino eggs with a caveman... named Ogg.
Each picture will follow this pattern (and there's going to be 14 steps) this is just the introductory 'Meet Ogg' first step. HEAVILY influenced by chibi style & the cooking mama look.

It's got a kid's book but instructions feel to it. Accessible to all ;)
Will be featuring Mammoths milk, Tim The T-Rex, Ogg's whizzing whisk hahah and more.

Hope people like it, it's not like my usual stuff at all but always up for trying something new :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Monkey Business .... Well Chimp ;)

Half of part of a editorial college project to do artwork on both a Phone + Business App Package & the same with an entertainment package. 
Here is the business one, basically playing on the idea of chimps trying to work things. But taking the whole business thing out of context and flipping it, so the chimp (the businessman) wants just... one thing (the banana) and can't find it.

The context was to be in an editorial for The Sunday Times in which it would be quite light hearted, talking about all these phone packages and such.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Feminism & Information Is Beautiful

Two quite recent projects, both featuring Nintendo characters.
Information Is Beautiful was a project based on the idea of presenting information or data in a pretty way basically, so I did a Nintendo Franchise sales pie chart. The second project feminism was whatever we wanted it to be, could interpret how we wanted really. I chose to do the kind of idea of 'behind every good man is an even greater woman' I believe that's how the saying goes maybe?! .. So yeah behind possibly gaming's greatest hero, Super Mario is .... Peach.
Picture says it all really... haha
Hope you all like them!!! :)

College - Phantom Limbs

Part of a college project in which we (being my class) were given different case studies about various disorders, mine being Phantom Limbs. A case in which people whom have lost limbs by amputation or however have a feeling that their limbs are there, be it tingling feeling or quite sharp sudden pains. Went for a quite literal interpretation of the name of the case study.

MvC3 Art Submission

Here is my submission for the European Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Art contest.
Featuring 6 characters; For Marvel - Spiderman, Iron Man & Wolverine and 3 Capcom - Amaterasu, Morrigan & Spencer.
Took quite a while, but pleased with the outcome :) 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Prints :)

Some older imagery that I've altered to make more print based...

Again all of which are available at :)

Captain Bugs

Another older piece of artwork done for a personal college project in which I combined Marvel Characters & Looney Tunes, alongside some Marvel Artwork I produced.
So here is Bugs Bunny + Captain America = Captain Bugs

Wildlife Photography

Well I thought for my first post I'd do something different bearing in mind I'm an aspiring Illustrator thought I would upload some wildlife photography I'm quite pleased with before I begin uploading the handy work as such.

Here are some photographys taken at both Howlett & Portlympe wildlife parks in Kent.

All available as prints via