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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Personal Professional Art Statement

Sorry this is a bit of a boring post but I have finally come up with what seems to be an OK artistic statement from my point of view about myself. Anyways please take a read if you get chance and see what you think, and if it does give a good but to the point description of me as a 'professional Illustrator'.

I am a freelance Illustrator from West Sussex in the South East of the United Kingdom.

After completing my A-Levels I then took part in a two-year foundation degree course in Illustration at Northbrook College. I have now begun my professional career in becoming an Illustrator. 

I enjoy all aspects of art, especially that of commercial artwork, so that of art created for a purpose. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and interests, and work ultimately using these to better the creative outcome. I approach things with a graphic and realistic hand but ultimately I have a very loose style, which allows me to adapt to tackle various problems.
I love the idea of my work being used for a purpose as such rather than just to be hung on a wall with various aspects of the media inspiring and influencing my work. 

I draw inspiration from the likes of films, music, books/comics, nature & wildlife, fantasy and science fiction. Particular emphasis on influence of course comes by that of work from various other artists, spreading across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

My most enjoyable work comes from that of doing work including my inspirations. Work as such that is a testament to these influences, bringing my ideas and imagination to life.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

James & The Giant Peach Book Cover ... Finished.

James & The Giant Peach Book Cover...

So a lot has changed really since my first initial idea of the bold black & neon green glowworm look.
Have changed it up for a cutout effect .. Decided to pinpoint drawing the scene in which James, the peach & pals land upon the Empire State Building in New York City towards the end of the book. Spent rather a long time using the lasso tool and going over selected imagery to create my own shapes (rather than just copying of course) for this look.

Really glad it's finished as it were as I kinda got fed up of it lol.

Hope people like it anyways?!?!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Poem Project; Batty, Bedtime & Polar Bears

Here are the final three pieces for the poems projects.

That of a bat scared of light.

A poem about the scary things in a children's bedroom (imagination) ... decided to draw one of the monsters and itself being scared holding it's teddy & torch ... Urmm kinda looks like a err certain Marvel character ay? Hmmm lol.

Polar Bears;
Just about Polar Bears in general sleeping in the snow :)

Am supposed to have done small Illustrations to go on the page with the poem itself but currently have no idea what to draw for any of these. Except possibly actually drawing out snowflakes for the Polar Bear one.

Any ideas would be much appreciated?... Or do people like them the way they are?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Poem Project; As

Gone for the whole theme of opposites on this piece and specifically chosen the line; As fierce as a Tiger - As mild as a dove.

Yin & Yang was the main theme behind the piece with bold black & white variation :)
Some great tattoo & chinese artwork pieces used as references to do this piece.

Poem Project; Fish

The second of the six pieces for the poem project.

This one being that of fish basically being stupid & the idea of them being 'schools' of fish is funny or rediculous. So decided to draw a shark as they're pretty damn cool and chose one of the funniest types of shark - Hammerhead and make him look kinda goofy looking :)

Background fish are done using fish sketches, just fill coloured and then blurred :) Counts as small illustrations right? :P

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Poem Project; Backgrounds + Poem

Spent a good while at college today creating & editing backgrounds for the poem project. I felt the background has to somehow resemble the poem be it by it's feel, content, texture, lighting etc so tried my best to do so.

All backgrounds are done by editing the original background created for the Elephant poem :) So lots of filters, colour changes & alterations. Hope they resembled the specific poems well! My favourites are the 'Fish' & 'As' ones :)

Take a look anyways...