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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Poem Project; Elephant (Edit)

Here is the elephant poem for the poems project I am currently doing :)

The first of the poems so far ...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Inspirations; Superman For Tomorrow - Jim Lee

To anybody whom takes an interest in comics or the artwork of one of the the god of comics that is Jim Lee I would highly recommend taking a look at Absolute Superman For Tomorrow... 'Absolute' being the special edition hardcover book of the comics, with stunning cover by Jim Lee. The book features extra sketches, notes etc & very much worth every penny I paid for it! :D

Written by the brilliant Brian Azzarello I again cannot reiterate how much I love this book. Couldn't put it down and read the entire story in a couple of hours :)

Has also made me realize how much of a badass Superman actually is, rather than the boring snotty sod I thought he was lol. If only superheroes were really....hmmph.

Below is one of Jim's line work pieces for one of the covers for Superman For Tomorrow. Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Poems Project; Elephant

CD project in. Poems project out.

Normal college procedure of handing in a project & receiving a new one today (not complaining :))
Quite liking the idea of doing this project actually... Which is that of choosing 6 poems from a list of 12 & Illustrating an A5 piece to represent each one of the chosen 6 poems, accompanied by artwork to go with the poem itself on the same page. Basically 6 A5 pieces and 6 small accompanying illustrations...

Have made a start on one of the poems, being that of 'Elephant'. Which is about an elephant being a pretty bird in a rhubarb tree ... kinda random :S But here's my line art for the A5 piece anyways.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

1,000 Pageviews!!! Red Panda & New Tag/Signature

Just would like to take a moment to thank everybody whom has visited my page since me starting it a few months ago!!! Really do appreciate it :)

Also makes sense to post something up, and seeing as I'm doing animal illustrations for my personal project (and finally started it today) here is a Red Panda that I drew today :) ... yes he does look kinda angry haha

The reference picture used was that of SooperDeviant's please take a minute to stop by his Deviantart & look at his work! Red Panda - SooperDeviant ... Some extremely inspiring photography on there!

Have also added the line art version of the Red Panda piece, with my new 2011 Tag or signature upon it .... wooooop!

Thanks again for the pageviews!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

CD Project; Timbaland Shock Value III Booklet Art

Finished the cover art for Timbaland's Shock Value III for my college CD packaging project.

Goes quite nicely with the Disc art & Back Cover/Tracklisting pieces I have posted recently!
Decided to not feature Timbaland himself upon the cover just because I think the digital stuff represents the explosive and varied nature of the music itself. A bit all over the place really, very futuristic & different, and made up from lightning ... so shocking really. With added digital flair like that of pixels. Music made from data really.

Here it is anyways...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

CD Project; Timbaland Shock Value III Disc Art

Following on from the back cover/tracklisting here is the artwork for upon the disc itself...

Hope people like?! :)

CD Project; Timbaland Shock Value III Back Cover/Tracklisting (Fake)


This is the back cover to the CD project I am currently working on for college. I chose to do the upcoming album from my favourite producer & artist Timbaland.
Had great fun creating this piece of art alongside the tracklisting with a huge array of artists I'd love to see Timbo work with!!!

Hope people like it, am really pleased with this actually :)

Logos, names etc all Copyright of each individual artist. And I cannot stress how fake this is lol, I have no idea whom Timbaland is or isn't working with upon his upcoming album... although I continue to speculate ;)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Inspirational Artists; Sammy Hall

Just come across an artist by the name of Sammy Hall whom does spectacular concept artwork for all sorts, especially that of beloved video games :)

REALLY like the designs he did for Donkey Kong Country Returns, in which my imagination has been put to shame visually in all honesty haha.
Please stop & take a look at his blog 'Sketches And Thought Experiments' got some brilliant stuff on there.

Below is are some of my favourite pieces of the Donkey Kong concept art...

Especially liking the Barrel factory!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

James & The Giant Peach Book & Timbaland CD Projects *Update*

Here are two projects I'm currently working on ... & you can see quite clearly visually that colourwise they are very similar hahah.
The first project is that of a Book Cover, being that of Roald Dahl's James & The Giant Peach. Gone for a silhouetted look combined with the glowworm feel (a character from within the book) to hopefully put a more modern look upon the cover :)

The second project is then that of a CD Cover, Booklet & Disc Art. Have started work upon the Booklet and I have chosen to create an album cover for the upcoming Shock Value III by Timbaland, the music producer & artist. (My personal favourite musician out there)...
Have added some more graphics & such to the front of the booklet, with still to draw out & Illustrate Timbaland himself. Also added the texture to the back of the booklet too. Am pleased with it overall so far though!!!

Will continue to update my workings upon them. Alongside these two projects I also will be starting my personal project which will consist of animal Illustrations to help improve my traditional drawing further :)

Oh & here is the fake tracklisting I have come up with to use upon the Back Cover for the album;

Timbaland; Shock Value III Tracklisting (Fake)

1. Welcome To The Sound (Electro-Rap)
2. You Can't Handle It - Featuring Missy Elliott, Ludacris & Rick Ross (Rap/Hip-Hop)
3. BeatBreaker - Featuring Nicki Minaj & Lil Jon [Co-Produced by Lil Jon] (Crunk-Rock/Dance)
4. Taking Over - Featuring Pitbull [Co-Produced by Daft Punk] (Electro-Rap)
5. Round & Round - Featuring Lady GaGa [Co-Produced by Daft Punk] (Pop)
6. Addicted - Featuring John Legend & Keri Hilson (R&B)
7. How We Do It?! - Featuring Mary J. Blige & Big Boi (R&B/Rap)
8. Evolution - Featuring Eminem (Rap/Hip-Hop)
9. Down To The Ground - Featuring Muse (Rock)
10. Higher - Featuring Justin Timberlake & Taylor Swift (Rock/Country)
11. Sweet Lies - Featuring Utada Hikaru (Pop/R&B)
12. Destroyer - Featuring 30 Seconds To Mars, D.O.E. & Attitude (Rock/Rap)
13. These 3 Kings - Featuring Kanye West & Jay-Z [Co-Produced by Kanye West] (Rap/Hip-Hop)
14. Follow Us - Featuring Sebastian (Electro-Rap)
15. Everyone & Everybody - Featuring Nelly Furtado & Rihanna [Co-Produced by Jim Beanz] (Pop/Electro/Dance)
16. State of Shock - Featuring Coldplay & Ellie Goulding (Pop/Rock)
17. Make It Better - Featuring Usher & Beyonce (R&B)
18. Talk To Me - Featuring Lil Wayne (Rap/Hip-Hop)
19. Maybe - Featuring 50 Cent, Eve & Bran' Nu (R&B/Hip-Hop)
20. Future Sound (Electro/Rap)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Raining Frogs

Sorry it's been a rather long while before my last update for those people whom do stop and take a look :D Would just like to say again how much appreciate those whom do so!

Here is another part of my 5 piece project about 'Bizarre Phenomenon' ... this one being about a somewhat biblical report of frogs raining in Birmingham, England.

Not so much fitting in with the time it actually happened (like 600 years ago) mainly due to the Froggy Umbrella I've stuck in there haha but I quite like this piece :)

Really appreciate any comments & or views!!!