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Thursday, 9 June 2011

British Wildlife Postcards; River Birds - Kingfisher

I have decided to put upon myself a task to create a series of postcards based upon British Wildlife, be it butterflies, small mammals, amphibians/reptiles, river birds etc etc :)
Started with river birds & I aim to do five animals for each set as such, so for River Birds it shall be; Kingfisher, Swan, Mallard, Moorhen & Heron.

The following is the first of those five, the Common (Eurasian) Kingfisher with it's brightly coloured orange & blue feathers.

Gone for a nostalgic 70's feel with the colour scheme / textures / floral patterns & such like. Hope people like it! The floral pattern brushes were given to me on file by a friend & in all honesty I have no idea where they came from to give credit to the creator, apologies :S

Will most likely attempt the Heron one next over the next few days.

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