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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Final Project + Tree Time Tales

Been a good three weeks(ish) since my last post, so apologies to those whom do take the time to take a quick look every now & again :)

Am at the stage at college now of being given my final project, in which I am to do 10 Front Covers from particular books & an accompanying poster for one, I was given a list of choices, to then pick ten. The likes of 'Of Mice & Men', 'Perfume' and such like are present. I haven't made a start upon these as of the moment but plan to do so sometime over this week...

The other project I have been given is that of 'Tree Time Tales', a project in which I am to illustrate in any way I deem appropriate an old story/fable/tale that can be relevant in current day. I chose to do one of Aesop's being that of 'The Peacock & The Crane', with the overall moral of 'fine feathers don't make a fine bird'..... So basically a well groomed/good looking person doesn't necessarily make them a nice/kind person.

The following is the line art I have done for the piece, with obvious chinese art influences :) I aim to colour with digitally but with definite understanding and reference to traditional chinese ink artwork.
Am pleased with the line work anyways so fingers crossed it all goes well!

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