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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Instructions Project - How To Cook Eggs With Ogg

^ LOL at the title hahaha :)
Basically here is what I have done so far for a project in which we have to do illustrations for instructions. They can be for whatever they want, so I'm doing how to make scrambled dino eggs with a caveman... named Ogg.
Each picture will follow this pattern (and there's going to be 14 steps) this is just the introductory 'Meet Ogg' first step. HEAVILY influenced by chibi style & the cooking mama look.

It's got a kid's book but instructions feel to it. Accessible to all ;)
Will be featuring Mammoths milk, Tim The T-Rex, Ogg's whizzing whisk hahah and more.

Hope people like it, it's not like my usual stuff at all but always up for trying something new :)

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